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They've landed; THREE BRAND NEW Micro-Courses with the fabulous NADIA BILCHIK

Maximize Your Presence

Ensure audience connectionhigh impact messaging with this expert communicator!

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Brand You

MAXIMIZE your Presence & leverage The Power of Your PERSONAL BRAND, with Nadia Bilchik

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Network Mastery

Explore real relationships and what stops us from building powerful new business networks

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Up Your Online Game

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Even if you're in a real hurry, at least 
invest these 21 minutes on yourself.

Designed for Executives on the Go, these Mini-Webinar Workshops will get critical points across in only 21 minutes; no fuss, no time wasters!

Here's what I learnt during Lockdown

While everyone got a great camera, a microphone and a ring light; the single aim is still to be seen and understood online.

But sending a great message is a lot like telling a good joke. If people can remember it, they’ll tell it elsewhere. And if they get a good response, they'll keep telling that joke. No one is going to repeat what they heard from you, then why bother? 

Discover the cinematic language of Film & TV to ensure your message ENGAGESCONNECTS and is MEMORABLEOnly then will it be repeated.

Small Screen Secrets

A 21-minute, no-nonsense look at how the online landscape of presenting has changed, full of great ideas you could instantly implement today, before your next meeting

Grab a cappuccino and watch right away, it's time to invest in yourself!

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Better Engagement

TV shows are designed to "keep you in", deliver constant surprises and ongoing engagement - till the very end. Learn how you could use that in your next online meeting!

Settle in for the next 21 minutes and UP YOUR ONLINE GAME TODAY

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Templates that Deliver!

In only 21 minutes, I'll share some show templates and production elements that you could get together before your next big online meeting, and knock it right out of the park

Click the button below and get the short-hand of 30 years of TV experience

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But you don't have the have TIME, right?

That's why I developed the PRESENTER FRAMEWORK, which can help you discover your presentation BLIND SPOTS instantly. 

Use this Self-Assessment Tool and figure out where you need help. Next, you can hop onto a MICRO COURSE and work on it yourself, in your own time.

Get GREAT results, FAST.


More about the Presenter Framework

3 MICRO-COURSES to save you TIME 

Lots of learning in only an hour! Easy to follow, quick to implement.

Understand the finer secrets of presenting to camera to connect with your audience!


Build better RETENTION



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Learn how TV Show Formats help you engage with your audience and capture their attention.


How FORMATS work for YOU



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Explore the perfect SHOW PLANNER TEMPLATE to ensure info flow and audience engagement.

 Arrest ATTENTION fast

QUICK GUIDE for support material 

TUNE-OUT words & phrases


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