At TYCOONTRIBE we're committed to provide the highest quality, affordable video to GET YOUR MESSAGE out there. At our studio in Johannesburg, we have the complete PLUG-AND-PLAY solution for all your LIVE narrow-cast Webinars, Live-to-Tape recordings of Tutorials, Online Media Messaging and Corporate Communications


We're thrilled to work with the finest composerssinging talent to produce jinglesmusic that's out of this world! Check out our full online campaign for the 2014 SA Olympics Team, our 120 Episode Music Reality Soap, called SUGARUSHED (an original production) & some cool lyrics for jingles!



We're proud of our 2D & 3D Character work, a recent 2-Day LIVE Webinar Global Streaming event called "Quaternity" and executing on a Case Study for a fabulous MacDonalds project!  



Our Location and LIVE Studio Directors facilitate on-camera coaching and ensure that you land your message with perfect delivery, every time. Be sure to ask about Presenter Training, Script & Copywriting and help to Structure your online video work for maximum effect! 

Corporate Work

From PRODUCT and How-to videos through to Company PROFILES, EVENTS, CASE STUDIES and Online LAUNCHES, our studio covers a wide range of productions. We use HD Broadcast Cameras, GoPro, MEVO and Drones to get to where your action is!


Online Promo Spots 

There's nothing quite as impactful to cut through the online clutter, as a fast-cut, energised PROMO about your brand or product. We have 2D & 3D capability, but can also edit with fancy templates from our archives. Be sure to check out some of our online promotions we've either generated from scratch or cut with a combination of stock footage and graphics.


LIVE Webinars

Why not try our LIVE Plug-and-Play solution to produce your next slick WEBINAR? Our system can play back video, audio and slide decks, seamlessly integrate into a 3 CAMERA studio environment with screens to enhance the viewing experience. Your next Webinar can take on the form of a News Bulletin, Talk or Actuality Show, with the help of our slick content producers. 


Client Tutorials

We create multi-cam LIVE and Live-to-tape video tutorials for our clients in a plug-and-play studio with video, audio and slide playback facilities on cue. Be sure to ask about our basic packaging/editing and logo animation offer, included in a half day or bigger studio booking!  



We've also been creating our own content here at TYCOONTRIBE for some time now, and our archive keeps growing with hours of high quality video content. All our video content can be licensed for your own platform or channel. Be sure to enquire about repackaging; a lot of our shows are designed to work really well as 5 minute fillers and interstitial material, with a wide range of topics in business, leadership, self-improvement & entrepreneurship.


High Noon Live

LIVE Online Talk Show; Leadership, Women, Well-Being (30 x 24 minutes) 


Key Notes

Key Notes on Self-Development, Well-Being & Entrepreneurship (30 x 10 minutes)


The Big Deal

Entrepreneurial Talk Show, profiles Youth Startup Journeys (60 x 25 minutes)



Entrepreneurial Tutorial Show, also available in isiZulu (30 x 25 minutes)


BIG Bites

Sound Bite Interstitials, featuring various Startup Entrepreneurs (60 x 5 minutes)


Raptor Farm

Actuality Insert Programme, about things innovative, cool and trendy. The programme was developed to help Vloggers gain exposure. Youth.  (30 x 5 minutes)


Entrepreneurial Soap

This is the Pilot Test for our concept of an Entrepreneurial Soap, shot LIVE-to-Tape on an actual Incubator with actors. We produced the first 10 scenes for a client to cover specific demonstration of Strategy, Ideation, etc. (10 x 5 minutes)