Nico Steyn started his career as the youngest Creative Director in Television in South Africa at 21. While accolades include the coveted Kenny Saint Award for Major Corporate Design and a New York Festival GOLD, he is most proud of his work in building the first long form 3D animation pipeline in the country.

His Camel Adventure was one of the first in the reality TV genre, viewed in over 40 countries and SugaRushed was his debut in testing the reality/soap or unscripted drama for TV.

Nico specialises in writing and structure of messaging for online communication. He Directs Speakers and Presenters for the camera and helps create impactful short form messaging online.

Camel Adventure (1984)
Docu/Reality Series Director

Natie's Garage (2006)
Feature Film Director

Silwer Skerm Fees (2019)
Best Script Award

with Oom Al Debbo (2004)
Comedy Insert Director



"Whenever people hear you're a Producer or Director,
they immediately ask what movies you’ve made."
                                 - Nico Steyn


Nico has written, produced and directed two features, and developed another five movie scripts, two of which have been developed as Netflix Series pitches. 

"It isn’t likely that you’d have heard of my movies; they were made-for-TV. But The Movies have taught me an awful lot about working with truth on camera", Nico admits.

The TV show Nico loved working on the most was an animation series of 52 Episodes, called ED & EPPA in the WILD! Being the first long-form 3D show in South Africa, he is very proud of this one. Some of his team of amazing young animators even got to work on massive international projects, but all look fondly to where it started.

Nico values the work he's done with his friend and collaborator, Anne Williams. Together they created an unscripted daily reality soap, called SUGARUSHED and as Show Runners, produced an episode every day for six months!

It was a milestone for unscripted soap in the music genre and delivered sixteen talented writer/performers with their original songs to the market.

"I highly recommend Nico’s services and everyone that I have introduced him to, has always gone back for more." 


Jayshree Naidoo
CEO, Yiedi

Caspar Henle
Project Manager, 10x Entrepreneur

Nico and his team are amazing to work with; You can tell they are passionate about producing high-quality content and brought a tremendous amount of commitment, skill and flexibility to our project.
I highly recommend them.

Dr Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs
Director, Solution Focused Institute of SA

Working with Nico and his team is one of the best things I ever did. Always a creative, professional, supportive and  progressive experience that results in a beautiful product. Nico thank you for your incredible knowledge and creativity.

Brad Shorkend
Co-CEO, Still Human

Nico never fails to blow us away with his knowledge, depth of experience and what he delivers! His ability to guide us with will work best, his creating of an awesome environment in which to film, and his editing expertise is valuable beyond measure.

Your BEST Performance awaits... 


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New York Festival
GOLD (1992)

Kenny Saint Award
for Major Corporate Design (1988)

Learning Innovation Africa
Gibs Innovation Idols Award (2017)