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As a Behavioural Strategist, Joni Peddie loves all things people, especially how we, as humans, Think, Feel & Act. We all deal with challenges, immense change and perhaps even adversity. Joni helps people find sustainable ways to BOUNCE FORWARD™️: This could be mentally, emotionally and/or physically.

Add intentionality and techniques to this, and you'll feel and be more in the control seat of life! KNOWING your personality strengths, BEING yourself and LEARNING how to be agile, yet 'self-regulate' are crucial. Joni teaches you the simple HOWs, in practical ways that easily become your new way of being.

Get Better Sleep

Quality sleep is essential for both physical & mental health. Get your pocket guide to budget for better sleep!  

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Be Invincible

Joni Peddie will show you how to SHOW UP, with these 5 easy-to-follow steps that BUILD RESILIENCE

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Sounds Impossible?

Join Joni, as she shares these secrets that will ensure  better sleep and help with weight loss, while you sleep!

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Ursula Botha combines her specialisation as a speaking coach, actress and voice artist to enhance the confidence of others. Her company, Confident Voices, help people and teams speak with confidence and build executive presence to advance their careers and communicate effectively in the modern workplace.

Ursula is qualified with a Master of Fine Arts (with distinction), an Honours in Live Performance and a BA in Drama from the University of Stellenbosch. Her keynotes, coaching methods and workshops are value packed with practical tools that you can actually use to make an impact in the way you express confidence, position your leadership and advance your career.

Advance Your Career

Don't let poor speech habits diminish your presence. Ursula punctuates the moments it matters most to speak with confidence.

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Have You Got "IT"?

Make sure you're seen and heard! Ursula Botha will teach you how to enter the room with PURPOSE and IMPACT

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Connect Culturally

Discover a system that'll lead you to deeper levels of authenticity. Build meaningful connections with anyone around the world.

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Nadia Bilchik is President of Greater Impact Communication, and has anchored & hosted feature programs for CNN International, CNN Airport NetworkMNet Television (South Africa) and reported for CNN Weekend. Nadia was formerly Editorial Producer for CNN’s Weekend Morning program.

Her uniquely dynamic, entertaining and substantive approach to communication skills training, comes from an extensive experience in conducting training workshops, coaching business professionals both in the USA and globally, as well as interviewing high-profile figures, celebrities and corporate leaders. They includePresident Nelson Mandela, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, and George Clooney amongst others.

Project Your BEST

Communication has changed and you need to show up with optimum impact. Let Nadia help you to pack punch with what you say! 

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Learn Nadia's SECRET

Nadia Bilchik shares her own success formula to BRAND YOURSELF and leverage the most with your PRESENCE.  

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Authenticity & Empathy 

Discover these easy steps to CRAFT Your Authenticity and ensure REAL CONNECTION, either online or in-person? 

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