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cappuccino new ideas nico steyn presenter's director thinkerarium Feb 01, 2021

Thank you for checking out my THINKERARIUM!

Over time I found that I needed a space where I could order my thoughts, give new ideas a voice. Articulate them. Ideas always sound better once you've ordered the thoughts properly and you see them again, in the light of day.

And this is the sanctuary where I come to test those. Write them down, then re-read them a day or two later. They're all going to be about 500 words or so and I try and afford this time at least twice a week. So not all of them are going to be gems, but I do commit to make sense most of the time! 

I love the fantastic opportunities this new adjustment in our lives afforded: Suddenly everyone needs to think more carefully about their message to the world. Also, about how very precious time is and why it is important to cut right to the meat of things and connect with our audiences online. 

My recent trend has been to do this kind of pondering over a fabulous cappuccino. Each cup reminds me of the ideas I've had during that session. So I intend posting a set of cappu-inspired ramblings as I work to put together the next series of workshops to share with Presenters and Speakers.

I hope you'll come along for the journey!

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