#001: Say "Yes!"

cappuccino new beginnings opportunity Jul 15, 2021

I used to drink tea. I think this is one of my last cups as I recall it; this was some 8 or 9 years ago at the IntelliLAB. The company was my true introduction to innovation. We splashed out on cutlery and presentation style to impress visitors who came to the university.

The main reason I got us a proper cappuccino machine, was probably just to annoy the chap in Procurement. He was so mean to me about lead times, suppliers I could get stuff from - and what was typical university "how we've always done it!"

Then I noticed he only had a plastic kettle on his windowsill. I offered a weekly visit with cappuccino and rusks, and the deal was made. 

The rest is history. The cappuccino machine was the beginning of my love affair with the fabulous aroma of fresh beans. And foamy cappu. We soon welcomed people with the aroma of fresh muffins, and everyone came to visit.  

So as I sit in reminiscence, I recall this time fondly, when we pushed the envelope to begin a culture of innovation. We achieved some pretty amazing things by challenging the status quo. Finding workarounds to: "No!"

It reminds of a song, called: "Say, Yes!"

It was written by John Kander & Fred Ebb, who are best known for the famous theme of New York, New York - popularized by Frank Sinatra and also the hit musical, Chicago, which wowed movie audiences with fantastic performances by Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

This obscure song however, they wrote many years ago for a TV Special with Liza Minnelli, called YES!

End even though I know it is cheating to try and make up 500 words with someone else's lyrics, I think the words of this song are true inspiration for anyone looking for new ideas; and that's why I'm going to post them now. If you're really strong enough for a fabulous Liza performance, then take a break and check it out HERE:

Yes! Say "Yes!"

Life keeps happening every day; say YES!

When opportunity comes your way,

You can't start wondering what to say!

You'll never win if you never play: Say YES!

There's mink and marigold right outside;

And long white Caddilacs you can ride,

Nothings gained if there's nothing tried!

By now you can tell why I like this lyric; it is talking about seeing stuff as opportunities, and a complete willingness to explore. I'm pretty sure Thomas Edison would have wanted to record these guys on his phonogram right from the start, because it echos his relentless attitude to find the solutions - they exist and you simply can't think anything but "YES!"

Now, I didn't mean for it to become a critique of the song and the lyric, but here comes the best part in the chorus:

Don't say WHY, say why NOT?

What lies beyond what IS, is NOT!

So what, say YES!

Yes I can, Yes I will!

Yes I'll take a sip;

Yes, I'll touch!

Yes, of course: Yes, how nice!

Yes I'll happily, yes. Thank you, very much!

Yes, oh YES!

I read a little between the lines here, and this part tells me to go off and do stuff other people warn you about. You know, Leonardo da Vinci often says in his notes, that he'd rather experience things first hand instead of taking people's word for it. And this attitude stood him in fantastic stead; so I know he'd have approved of this song too! Are your toes tapping yet? Do you feel like storming out there and taking on the whole WORLD of NEW? Wonderful; then look out for the big finish:


And YES I'll be!

And YES, I'll go!

Oh, Y-E-E-E-E-S-S-S!

You've got to imagine this in a big voice, as only Liza Minnelli can do when she takes on a hundred-and-twenty piece orchestra, single handedly. You get the picture, right?

Say: "YES!"

Wishing everyone a day full of great ideas!

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