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It is getting increasingly harder to reach clients online, right?

If you've been thinking of going international, 
this is the SUMMIT for YOU!

The 2022 Inaugural Hybrid Conference...










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24th of OCT Live Streaming Channel
30th of OCT LIVE Online Workshops, Interactive Demos & Masterclasses!


Think outside the BOX! 

No matter if it is Virtually or In-Person, everyone needs to create better impact, get audiences to CONNECT with your message, REMEMBER & REPEAT it.

We've created a single event that will help you Digitise your Content, Market & Sell in collaboration and establish an Online Visibility with a Prototype LMS Testbed.

7 Day LIVE Online Streaming Channel

Build CONNECTION with your online audience over a series of LIVE 30 minute WORKSHOPS, also packaged as Evergreen Webinar LEAD MAGNETS!

Digitise Three Fresh Online Workshops

Present your material to a LIVE Online Audience, with the option to continue generating income on our brand new MYBIGSMARTUP LMS.

FREE Video Content to Promote Online

Use our platform to help you with effective re-purposing opportunities and get a wider audience to build brand awareness, using our collective database!

Here's why we thought of YOU

We'd like to connect and support a group of LIKE-MINDED Trainers & Coaches to build a central CONTENT HUB, right here on MYBIGSMARTUP.COM

Shared RESOURCES, MARKETING EFFORTS and AFFILIATE REVENUE STREAMS to ensure bigger impact on a global online market! Come and BROADCAST YOURSELF

What is HYBRICON 2022 

Pre-Event TV Stream

A week of streaming channel across LinkedIn, YouTUBE and embedded on YOUR website, featuring YOUR content; talk show slots, demo's and advertorials!

Affiliate Marketing

Benefit from Affiliate Marketing Commission Streams, promoting this event across a collective database of over 1 000 000, locally and abroad.

More than 30 Speakers

Present your material LIVE & Interactive on a digital platform, to an all new international audience, along with 30 other Top Notch Thought Leaders. 

New Video Content

Create a wide range of usable VIDEO CONTENT from the event, in order to promote your product and hold visibility. 

LMS Testbed

Digitise content onto an Online Learning Management System (LMS) testbed in a format that's designed for effective short-form learning with an option to "park" lessons at a low fee.


Build a powerful Database from this event, with shared international contacts and access to new markets, via Affiliate Marketing links. 




About HybriCON

During an interview on High Noon LIVE on LinkedIn, Joni Peddie talks to Nico Steyn about the basic premise of HybriCON, and the benefits to Speakers & Trainers taking part.


QUESTIONS? We may have answered them already:

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Here's who is already ON BOARD!

Joni Peddie

Resilience & Bouncing Forward

Ntsiki Mkhize

Entrepreneurship & Mentorship

Nicky Rowbotham

Elegant Power & Boundaries 

Ashley Hayden

Key Messaging & Presentation 

Ursula Botha

Confident Speaking & Executive Presence

Nikki Bush

Reinvention & Dancing with Disruption

KK Diaz

A-Game Entrepreneurs & Digital Marketing

Dr. Alkistis Agio

Self-Leadership & Greek Philosophy Principles

We'll help YOU CREATE:

1 x Evergreen Webinar

A powerful LEAD MAGNET in the form of an Evergreen Webinar, to attract new online clients, build street cred and trust with them. 

3 x Short Form Workshops

Effective Mico-Workshops to build your online client base with punchy, easy-to-follow lessons, designed around your KEY CONTENT. 

1 x Masterclass

Your DEEPER LEARNING Masterclass, focussed on one aspect, to connect with prospective clients and engage in further learning conversations.

We'd really LOVE you to join our HybriCON Summit 

Please be sure to watch this space for more updates or mail me with questions or requests.


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